We are honored to welcome the following as your judges: Crisi TM, LadyHlin, murgatroid-98, Jan of Arc, Fairyblood, Violetbat and AuntieL!

Judges will be given a judging sheet and asked to score up to 20 points for writing, 10 points for grammar, 10 points for diction, 10 points for characters, 10 points for dialogue, 10 points for organization/ structure, 10 points for creativity, 15 points for emotional impact and 5 points for quality of topic. The maximum score a story can receive is 100 points.

Those scores will be averaged in with the percentage of the public vote received to come up with overall winners in the 2 categories.

Winners and Prizes:
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as Host Picks will receive custom banners for their stories made by BlackDeadOrchids. 1st place One-Shot and Multi-Chapter Fic will win a custom SVM inspired coffee mug!


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