We would like to thank everyone who participated in The Citrus Tree Contest! Below are the winners and their banners…

1st Place One Shot- The Last Days of a Telepathic Call Girl By: JoxX




2nd Place One Shot- A Winter’s Feast Time By: merick




3rd Place One Shot- Pam’s Chinese Puzzle By: blakes boogie




1st Place Multi-Chapter- What Kind of Hazy Shit is This? By: Xia Cheyenne




Hostess Pick- A Winter’s Feast Time By: merick





The entries were judged with 60% of the final score based on Judges Score and 40% of the final score based on Public Voting. It was an extremely tight race with some entries being .37 of a point away from the next. Everyone who entered deserves a hearty pat on the back. These stories were HOT and AMAZING!


Special thanks to @FangreadersLJ @LadyHlin @clare_de_loon @sapfirerose @SVMFanfic @Fairy_blood @FanOTheFang on twitter who helped promote as well as the blogs who gave us some love. This was a hard season to run a contest and we were blessed to have so many amazing entries. Thanks to everyone who entered. Please, do not forget to check out ALL the stories. There was not one that didn’t deserve some review love.

For the last time… Thanks everyone!




One thought on “Winners!

  1. Deeeelighted to recieve my cup this week i am a weeeenier! thank you to everyone that voted for me. With my dyslexia it really felt like I climb everest winning this- elated!

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