Last Day to Submit Entries!

Hi, Y’all!  We have a brand new contest entry for our contest, and you can find it here! Please don’t forget the contest ends TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT (12am CST – 1am EST – 5am GMT) so please send in your entries as soon as possible.

The entries we have received so far are:

1. Sphere by blakes boogie

2. What Kind of Hazy Shit is This? by Xia Cheyenne

3. A Winter’s Feast Time by merick

4. The Blood Bond by kimbeekaylene

5. Semi-Sweet Morsel by Team Jane

6. The Last Days of a Telepathic Call Girl by JoxX

7. It was a Dark and Stormy Night by Merick

8. Pam’s Chinese puzzle by blakes boogie

Please be sure to check each entry out and pick your favorite! Voting begins TOMORROW, October 1st and ends October 23. The stories are located on our Fanfiction Community, here on our blog and they are being moved to the favorite stories section of our contest page on

As always, special thanks to the Fanged Fics blog, Eric and Sookie Lovers and Sarifina85; you have all been a tremendous help and we appreciate the retweets and help with promotion!

There are only a few hours left so please send in your entries!

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