Check out our entries!

We have 2 entries so far! Please check them out and give them tons of love!

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas please check out our example pieces by Jan of Arc, Rebelina and BlackDeadOrchids!


Another Sample Fic!

We are in the process of opening the contest to the entire SVM/ TB Fandom. In preparation, Jan of Arc has written another fabulous sample for everyone to read! She is absolutely brilliant so you should take the time to read and become inspired!

We have had 2 entries so far. I am waiting on the links and then you will all get to soak up some of the deliciousness that has been submitted! I personally can’t wait for the opportunity to post some of the hottest stories that have come out this summer!

Please remember that The Citrus Tree Contest is on twitter @LemonContest and we have our C2 up and running! Follow us for updates and feel free to link us to hot pictures or ideas you might have for a story. This is a chance to write an entire story based on the wonderful sex that sets SVM/TB apart from any other vampire tale out there.

If you have a one-shot that you aren’t sure about making a full story, take your time… there is 6 weeks left in the competition and I am sure everyone can turn out some wonderful, steamy surprises.

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10 days into the contest and we are waiting with bated breath for our first entry!

We hope everyone is striking up a new document on word and writing some of the best lemony goodness they can imagine.

Don’t forget that if you are writing a chaptered fic, it can be posted chapter by chapter. Please take the time and post the first chapter of that story you had in mind. Let your fans know you plan on entering!

Don’t forget to send us an email with the link so we can add you to the C2! The community is growing daily and we are excited to read your entries!

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Another Sample Entry

One of your hosts, Black Dead Orchids, wrote a sample fic for The Citrus Tree Contest. Check it out and hopefully it will help inspire you to write something wonderful.

There is 8 weeks left in the contest so write, write and write some more! This is the perfect opportunity to write some of the dream sex you might never get to use in another fic!

Make Sookie a dominatrix and Eric her slave. Make Quinn the king of the supes and Sam his bitch. Make all the SVM characters vampires and turn it into a giant orgy! Go cannon and write an amazing love story (just make sure once they are in love it is HOT)!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to make some wild sex scenes for us all to drool over and possibly win something to boot!

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